1950   Establishment of SELI, with mission from the outset to design and apply new techniques for tunnel boring.

1969 For the first time in Italy, SELI adopts mechanised excavating techniques with TBM for the 5 km tunnel at Brasimone, opening up a new era in a sector which until then had been the exclusive domain of the use of explosives.

1970 SELI transfers headquarters to Rome.

  1972   Through its founder, engineer Carlo Grandori, SELI collaborates with Robbins of America to develop the first double-shield telescopic TBM, the type that came to be employed in a wide range of projects including the Channel Tunnel.

  1978   SELI obtains its first order outside Europe, the Tunjita project in Colombia, a joint venture with Impregilo of Milan.

1989 SELI gains a foothold in China through the acquisition together with CMC of the Yindaruqin project.

1992 At its own workshops at Aprilia, SELI builds the first two TBM; designed for boring 30 km of tunnel for the Athens aqueduct and triggering a new sector of activity – that of constructing TBM and equipment for underground works.

  1978   SELI and JAGER, an Austrian enterprise, found the company ITS, with headquarters in Austria; the aim is to supply equipment and services to the Spanish market. ITS is to see its sphere of operation enjoy continuous expansion, to include India, Slovenia and Austria.

1992 SELI enters the sector of the metro, through acquisition of a section of the Athens metro, the first of an extensive series of similar projects implemented throughout the world (Caracas, Turin, San Paolo, Thessaloniki, Vancouver, New York, Rome).

  1978   SELI signs a trade agreement for continuous collaboration with the Spanish giant ACS-Dragados for projects in Spain, the United States, and a number of South American countries.

  2006 SELI establishes INNOTEK, a company specialising in the research, development and commercialisation of chemical products and tools for specific use in underground works.

  2007 SELI launches the construction of a new larger and more advanced production factory at Aprilia, which enables its manufacturing capacity to keep up with growing market demands.


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